BizzyPulse:- Field Service Call Management

Field Service Call Management

Post sales services are vital to win loyalty of the customer, maintain long term relationship and gain customer base through word-of-mouth by satisfied customers. Good service becomes growth engine for business. Traditionally, a team of service engineers is deployed in a region. Customer’s complaints are shared with engineer via phone call. This manual system initiate new problem before the actual problem of customers can be addressed. At the time of receiving phone call, service engineer might be on the way or busy attending an existing complaint. So there remain good chances of miscommunication. As a result, when he reaches the customer place, he finds that he is not carrying required equipment/spares. Same problem occur even with service job-sheet based system because sheet provides minimum information like name and contact of customer. Round trips become frequent. It wastes both time and money and also impacts efficiency of service team.

Digital age mandates paradigm shift to the way information is shared. Real time, complete and accurate information is the need of hour for every business. Bizzypulse is a mobility application that fits in new age business ecosystem. The app shows clear visibility of assigned task status of each field engineer and accordingly the manager can assign task to most appropriate engineer. Once assigned, field engineer receive full details of the task to accomplish along with preferred time slot. App also provide route to the customer place from his current location. As a result, the engineer arrives fully prepared. On completion of task he updates the status on the App itself and in real time his manager gets the completion status of complaint. System sends an OTP onto customer’s mobile which he has to punch into the app of field engineer for the final ‘verified’ closure of service call. So there is complete transparency at each stage of service call and systems works efficiently to delivery highest level of satisfaction to end customers.

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