Sales Event Management with BizzyPulse

BizzyPulse has found its utility in Event management for pre-sales activities. It has been used to manage Events by a top rank Automobile industry. Mobile App was used to enter the Registration details of Attendees. Further, if an attendee was interested to go for purchase, the App could book the order. All these information were submitted to back-end system. Entire data collection was conducted without use of paper and thereby making it hassle free activity. Human error due to manual recording were nil and data was submitted in time before proceeding to next event at different location.  Management was able to get Event data in real time and could generate success report of the event. The bulk of orders collected were readily forwarded for reconciliation and order dispatch. Those who could not place order earlier were engaged in the sales cycle using registration details and later, organization was able to win many such opportunities. In case any deficiencies surfaced at a particular location, same got highlighted to the management in time and prompt decision was taken to check its repetition at another location.

How it Works

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