Manage Tasks head on by Bizzypulse

Tasks define a set of actions required to be completed in order to achieve certain goal. For an organization employing sale force or field staff, the Tasks refers anything from ‘on-site product demonstration’ to ‘collection of certain data or documents’ or ‘providing on-site maintenance services’. Sending ordered and prioritized list of tasks for field person over their mobile is now possible through BizzyPulse. The person never loses sight of the tasks and this gets complemented with in time notification and alerts generated by back end office or the management. For any tasks requiring further inputs or actions or reworking, field / sales staff can set details or meeting notes on the App itself . The back operations gets real time view of noting and status of various assigned tasks and can provide timely input in terms of technical feeds or critical decisions to mark the way out of obstacle which is holding the progress. The teamwork of field staff and the back end support is made possible via BizzyPulse.

Task can be initiated with ‘open’ status and it change status from ‘in-progress’ to ‘pending‘ to ‘close‘ as team attempts  for its successful closure. Rise in team productivity is visible and organization can reap better results with same work force. With Bizypulse App, the Mantra is simplify task allocation, work efficiently and achieve more per day. Irrespective of Geo location, management gets to know the status in real time, aim high and achieve higher success rate to make the organization stand apart.


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