Boosting sales using Schemes and promotion on BizzyPulse

Schemes & Promotions have been a great incentive mechanism to retain existing customer and add new. They have been instrumental to –

  • launch a new product
  • for maintaining highlighted spot in market
  • to counter competitor’s strategy
  • to gain market share
  • counter sell products less in demand

Schemes and promotions takes the form of free samples, discount coupons, lucky draw, public contest or sales events. The budgets are often high and ROI to such initiatives are weighted to decide future course of actions. So the two important factors impacts the planned sales and promotion activities. First is channel being used to make the customers aware about schemes. Secondly, it is the timely updating of such offerings among the masses so that they receive maximum attention before their expiry to serve its purpose. Using print or broadcast media are good but highly expensive. Due to cost factor, it is not possible for all to use them regularly. Often schemes and promotional activities initiate and elapse but fail to reach intended audience. In addition to this, if there is practice of constant change in schemes (as in FMCG  sector),  people remain unaware and while making purchases ask for such schemes that are already elapsed. Disgruntled, they put blame on retailers or even manufacturer for improper practices. Due to changing scenario, confusion prevails even at the level sales person. Failure of a sales person to have access to latest information or alert on an schemes cause embarrassment and loss of faith in brand.

It is interesting to quote a similar situation with one of our client who was relying heavily on schemes to promote his products. But the dealers were not made aware about the schemes by the sales person in time. Further, if dealers were aware, they never bothered to share the same down the line to end user. As a result, the entire planning of reaping market gains did not bear fruits. BizzyPulse has come handy to send schemes and promotional details on to mobile of Sales persons. Now, the staff is equipped with the latest schemes and same is shared with dealers. The client version of mobile App is available to send schemes details directly on to mobiles of consumer.  This has turned out to be is most economical yet effective media of communication. BizzyPulse can provide Geo authentic data about end users who are providing feedback to ask for gifts under sale scheme. This has allowed cut on fraudulent gifts distribution by mischievous staff and ensured that benefit reach to real consumers and they remain committed with the brand with further purchases or adding value through word of mouth publicity. Sales have surged and  brand has picked up with sound customer base in the market.

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