BizzyPulse – Touching Tomorrow

BizzyPulse is launched as futuristic Mobile Application that caters to real time collaboration between field staff and management, between two employees or team members working on same project but sitting at remote locations.

App has been designed to solve real life problems in simplistic manner since inherently, none of us likes complexity. The ‘do-all’ kind of packaged software are dark side of the software solutions and in order to solve a problem they add more namely – high costs and requirement of expert people for running the show. BizzyPulse App can be customize and scaled from basic to advanced features. The user friendly interface facilitates its adaptability even to a novice user. Anyone who is comfortable with smart phones, which everyone actually is, can easily use the App as his personal assistant on the move. App does not require any fancy or costly hardware to run. This limits the Cost of Ownership for software solution and adds to reasons for its popularity.

Using BizzyPulse, management feel empowered and can view in real time the management initiatives being converted to higher business growth despite of changing business scenarios and  thus surviving the highly competitive market

Field staff delivers value to the business. The enhanced responsiveness boosts the delivery, cut down on expenses as well as delays due to human error.

Salient Features ::

  • No software installation
  • Cloud based server used by FORTUNE 500 companies
  • 99.99% up-time
  • 8hrs. SLA
  • Software gets updated as technology updates
  • Data is available without loss
  • Authorized access of data at Branch/Zonal/ Ho levels
  • Reports mailed periodically to the concerned persons
  • Get any report any time from the system


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