BizzyPulse for Real Time Visiblity

BizzyPulse provides Real Time visibility about field activities. Business decision made on the basis of aged information collected through legacy methods are of no use in competitive world. To stay ahead of competitors, one must have clear visibility in real time of all action being performed at field or remote locations.

One of the steel producer had good strength of sales force but the order were lost to competitors. It was observed that data could not be communicated in time and follow up were too late. Few sales person were giving fake information about their visits which never happened and the organization has no concrete method to counter their claims. BizzyPulse not only provided clear visibility about their actual positions on the map, it opened faster communication channel to back-end team to initiate follow-ups. The non-performers were warned and later same resources helped in exceeding  the set targets in the first quarter itself


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