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BizzyPulse for extending help 24×7 to business users

Help desk are import support function for any business particularly for manufacturing and service industry. Users / consumer connects to help desk for resolution of an issue or a request. Traditionally the help desk were purely manual process where most of the time consumer used to get a standard replies like ‘in-process’ or ‘ticket has been generated’. But no one, including the back end support staff, was able to quantify this wait period. Resentment among customers used to be high with many aligning with other solution providers and plunging the business into loss of brand name and revenue.

With the use of sophisticated software based help desk the situation has changed drastically. Customers are able to get response or issue resolution in finite time. But this has raised the expectation level as well. People expect ever available support services and issue resolution in real time. The key point is that real time information is catalyst to development.

BizzyPulse is here to bridge the gap between help desk solution and user expectations, using mobile technologies. Riding on the success of cheap and reliable mobile systems, the BizzyPulse help desk feature allows real time connectivity to the end users, the back end team and field servicemen. Through client App, user can raise the ticket for impeding problem. The back end can review the issue and allocate it to field staff on the move. So in real time the work starts without any necessity for the person to have access to his/her office PC to know about assignment details. So! no more telephonic or email based communication is required. Irrespective of Geo location, the support experts can readily address the issue over mobile to provide ‘can do it yourself’ kind of support service. Else a team member can visit site to fix the problem in real time and make use of App based problem solving feeds, if required, for quick resolution. This makes support staff a self reliant and more responsive lot that provide efficient and dependable services. The collaborated help desk services delivers highly trusted and satisfying experience that customers love to call for ‘help any time’.


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