Order taking using BizzyPulse Mobile App

Sales scenario has undergone radical change with the advent of better communication channels. Now the customer are highly informed and it has changed the way they used to take their purchase decision. This has put tremendous pressure on sales persons and they need to act smart before making a deal. Order taking has certain prerequisite functions for sales representatives and those include –

  • Schedule of customer to meeting / route plan
  • updated Product list and brochures
  • Correct Price / multi pricing list
  • Correct details on volume, seasonal, itemized discounts
  • Stock level indicators
  • Past Purchase history and purchasing power of customer for up-selling
  • timely response to any spontaneous query or discount demand

Readily fulfillment of above is the key to maintains healthy sales volume. But unfortunately it was not possible to achieve all of above by existing methods of booking orders. Even the most sophisticated teams lag in one or other function.

In the mobility age, no one is interested in Printed product lists and brochures which are nuisance and often out-dated since they require costly reprinting upon every change. Its time to bid farewell to papers, forms, brochures as well as errors & inconvenience for booking sales Orders.

BizzyPulse mobile App is tailor made and packed with powerful features to eliminate all that printed load, save on time & money and offer App based efficient forms to collect the order details. Sales person can be sent the details of all sales opportunities waiting for conversion. They can show product list along with pricing on the mobile itself to offer the products as per needs. Inventory status can be shared over App to get confirmed order. This makes sales an equally wonderful experience for sales work force and the customer. Alert on pending payment can be shared over App so that sales person ask to clear dues before next order. App provides Real time sales inputs to management.  The field data is error free and Geo authenticated and higher management can easily visualize Sales trend reports from it. Management inputs to offer revised quotation over mobile are possible in real time to improve lead conversion rate and gain business and an edge over competitors.

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