Bizzypulse M-app for Daily Sales Reporting

DSR Automation

Sales Reporting made easy using mobile application.

Adopt the power of mobile application to heavily reduce reporting of daily sales. Excel Reporting is hard to manage and track, as pre-sales activity data comes daily from all across your sales team daily.

Benefits of Bizzypulse Reporting System:-

  • Reporting from mobile to cloud supports online and offline mode.
  • Data is archived and can be retrieved from any period of time.
  • Auto-mailing of formatted MIS customized to organizational needs.
  • Lead generation directly enabled from the app.
  • Client-wise followup summary reports.
  • Performance analysis of Sales Team based on client-leads followup for any given period.

Digitize, authenticate the data from mobile application to the ready to use cloud application.



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Bodhisattwa Pal

A very easy and effective solution to handle sales. Organisation has been immensely benefited by using bizzypulse m-app. Profit level has taken a big leap because of timely and formatted reports. Client list has started growing in numbers.


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